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Thermodynamics - Heat Transfer

We are a leading Exporter of heat transfer bench with cross flow heat exchanger, parallel flow heat exchanger, sterling cycle hot air engine, solar energy demonstrator, energy balance apparatus and two shaft gas turbine from Ambala, India.

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Advanced Technocracy Inc. is Manufacturer, Exporter & Supplier of Heat Transfer Bench with Cross Flow Heat Exchanger .

A heat transfer bench providing air flow over a heated sample tube. Experiments balance the amount

of heat required to maintain the heater surface temperature in an air flow. Instruments measure heat

input, heater surface temperature, air flow rate etc. The low heat input allows a constant air temperature .

1. To determine the relationship between Nusselts and Reynolds numbers applied to a single heated tube positioned           transversely to a stream of air.

2. To determine the effect of change of diameter on the heat transfer coefficient to a single tube in cross flow.

3.To determine the effect of change of position of the heated tube within a cross flow tube bundle.

4. To examine the effect of heat transfer of a Flat Plate and a Finned Pipe arrangement .The bench can be used        with many additional experiments including parallel and mixed flow exchange


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Advanced Technocracy Inc. is Manufacturer, Exporter & Supplier of Parallel Flow Heat Exchanger.

1.                                1.  Determines the relationship between Nusselt's and Reynold's numbers for a stream of air

               flowing around and parallel to a heated tube (annular flow).

2.                              2. Also through a tube with heated inner section.



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Advanced Technocracy Inc. is Manufacturer, Exporter & Supplier of Sterling Cycle Hot Air Engine.

Stirling Cycle Hot Air Engine is a modern example of  one of the oldest forms of prime mover first described in a patent by  Robert Stirling and designed to show the direct conversion  of heat energy into work.  The cycle on which the engine is based consists of two isothermal  processes and two constant volume processes (the latter being  performed with the aid of a regenerator). The source of heat is  provided from a low voltage electric element so that it may readily  be controlled and measured. Output is measured by the simple  dynamometer supplied.  The engine has one working cylinder and a transfer cylinder  arranged side by side in open communication one with another but  without any intervening valve mechanism. The power cylinder has a  single acting piston connected to the crankshaft while the transfer cylinder has a double acting  displacer piston and regenerator operated by an eccentric, the phasing of which can be altered in  relation to the crankpin of the power cylinde 

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Advanced Technocracy Inc. is Manufacturer, Exporter & Supplier of  Solar Energy Demonstrator.

The solar energy demonstration unit allows students to gain an  appreciation of the total heat capture of a solar energy unit as it heats  water, and an indication of its relative efficiency.  Students are able to vary the flow rate and angle of incidence of the unit  to measure the change in energy collection performance.


1. Measures output and efficiency against solar energy input

2.Effect of different absorbent surfaces

3. Effect of ambient temperature, wind velocity and the effect of

    cooling the glass cover

4. Effect of insulation thickness

5. Investigate the effects of varying the inclination of the absorption surface and the flow rate of

   the water,

6. To perform a heat balance for the overall system



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Advanced Technocracy Inc. is Manufacturer, Exporter & Supplier of Energy Balance Apparatus.

Metal frame bench mounted single stage compressor set consists of a rotary vane type air  compressor coupled to a trunion mounted electric motor and attached to a spring balance. The air intake includes a filter, air flow adjustment and plenum chamber with vacuum gauge scaled -1.0 to 0  bar. The air flow meter used has a range of 40-400 l/min with a pressure  limit of 10 bar at 20ºC. The air outlet pressure chamber includes a 0-4 bar  pressure gauge, pressure relief valve and exhaust silencer.  Type K thermocouples measure air inlet and outlet temperatures with a  continuous operating range of 0—1100ºC.  The instrument control box measures speed, temperature torque and  power.

 Energy balance and the first law of thermodynamics

1. Entropy and the second law of thermodynamics

2. Compressed volumetric efficiency



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Advanced Technocracy Inc. is Manufacturer, Exporter & Supplier of Two Shaft Gas Turbine .

1. Performance of a simulated single shaft unit

2. Performance of a single shaft unit with nozzle simulated  load

3. Performance of a two shaft unit

4. Characteristics of individual components:

 5.Gas generator compressor

6. Combustion chamber characteristics

7. Power turbine characteristics

The Two Shaft Gas Turbine employs a centrifugal compressor and  a radial turbine, arranged back to back on a common shaft which  together with a gas-fuelled combustion chamber operating on propane or butane, form the gas  generator. Gases from the gas generator turbine pass to the power turbine which is a radial machine  of larger size and thence to exhaust. The power turbine is loaded by a dynamometer system to  absorb the power output and measure the power turbine torque.



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The test rig comprises of a two-stage air compressor fitted with an air tank with orifice, pressure gauges 9 an energy meter to measure the input & a Temperature indicator measures the temperatures at various points. The compressor is mounted on air receiver along with the motor, and is provided with air relief valve (safety) and a pressure switch. The unit determines volumetric efficiency and isothermal efficiency at various discharge pressures


Air compressor - Double cylinder, two-stage type driven by a 2-hp. Three - phase motor mounted on air receiver provided with delivery valve.

  • Air tank and orifice with water manometer for air intake measurement.
  • Pressure gauges at outlet on both stages.
  • Digital temperature indicator.
  • Energy meter to measure input power.
  • A technical manual accompanies the equipments.

Services Required:

  • Floor space of 2,5 X 1.5m.
  • 440 V, 15A, 3ph. AC supply with neutral and earthing connection.
  • A hand tachometer.
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Wind tunnel is one of the most important facilitate for experimental work in aerodynamics and fluid flow. Its purpose is to provide a region of controlled air flow into which models can be inserted. This region is termed as the WORKING SECTION. Wind tunnel is closed working section with bell mouth entry. The tunnel is of simplest tube section open type along which air is propelled. The propulsion is usually provided by a fan downstream of the working section.

  • Length : 6 meter
  • Air Channel Area : 400mm X 400mm
  • Air Velocity : 0 to 25 m/s
  • Height : 1.5 meter
  • Motor :2 HP
  • Horn Section Area: 1m X 1m


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Learning Objectives / Experiments

  • Measurement of strain using strain gauges
  • Application of Mohr’s Circle for stress and strain analysis, determination of the principal strains
  • Determination of the principal stresses: Axial and circumferential stresses in magnitude and direction
  • On an open vessel (pipe)
  • on a closed vessel (boiler tank)
  • Comparison of open / closed vessels
  • Determination of the Poisson ratio
  • Investigation of correlations between strain, pressure and stress in the plane biaxial stress state


  • Investigation of the stresses and strains in a thin-walled cylinder under internal pressure
  • Cylinder usable as open pipe or as closed tank
  • Strain gauge application on cylinder surface at various angles
  • Hydraulic cylinder with hydraulic pump to generate pressure
  • Hermetically sealed hydraulic system, maintenance-free
  • Multi-pin connector for measurement provide


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