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Mechanics of Fluids

Offering you a complete choice of products which include flow channel (2.5 meters), orifice experiments, series & parallel pump test set, weir experiments and water flow measuring apparatus.

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Advanced Technocracy Inc. is Manufacturer, Exporter & Supplier of Flow Channel (2.5 meters) .

Flow Channel equipment allows the student to study water flow in an open channel and also verify the Chézy equation and Mannings Friction Factor. It is designed for use with Hydraulics Bench fitted with Auxiliary Pump Unit, but can be used as a standalone unit when connected to a suitable water supply and drain. The channel is supplied with weir, scales and tilt capability

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Advanced Technocracy Inc. is Manufacturer, Exporter & Supplier of Orifice Experiments.

General Description:-

The Orifice sets are used in conjunction with the Inlet Head Tank for the investigation of the flow of water through a horizontal or a vertical orifice. Water is supplied to the tank via a hose connection to the base inlet, and is then distributed within the tank by a vertical perforated sparge pipe. This arrangement avoids excessive turbulence and enables a steady level surface to be maintained. Two threaded holes are cut into the tank in which to mount the orifice being studied, one in the tank base for 'vertical' discharge, and the other in the tank side for 'horizontal' discharge. An orifice can be screwed into either of the threaded holes and the unused aperture sealed with the blanking plug provided. A scale is mounted on the side of the tank to enable the height of the water above either orifice position to be determined. The zero of the scale coincides with the centre of the side outlet position. When an orifice is fitted in the horizontal discharge position a Trajectory Profile Hook Gauge can be used to determine the jet profile. Details of both sets of orifices are given as follows.

Dimensions And Weights:-

Nett:- 270 x 180 x 160 mm, 1.0 Kg Gross:- 0.01m, 2.0Kg. Orifice Experiments- Advanced A set of four orifices each mounted in a threaded orifice holder, a pair of callipers and an orientation tool are supplied in a plastic case.

The orifice details are:

Borda mouthpiece consisting of an orifice with extended upstream inlet tube which projects into the inlet head tank thus preventing flow of water across the face of the orifice. The leading edge of the inlet tube is reduced to a knife edge.

Orifice diameter- 8 mm

Length of inlet tube- 7 mm

Internal Diameter of inlet tube- 8 mm

Bell mouthed orifice having a bell shaped entry section. Entry radius- 2 mm

Bell mouth semi angle- 23

Orifice diameter- 8 mm

Triangular shaped orifice of side 10 mm (equilateral), square edged 1.22 mm thick.

Square shaped orifice of side 7 mm square edged 1.22 mm thick.



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Advanced Technocracy Inc. is Manufacturer, Exporter & Supplier of Series and Parallel pump test set.

The apparatus consists of a Hydraulics Bench, complete with Auxiliary Pump and Speed Control Unit and a Pump Speed Display Unit, enabling each pump to be run over its full speed range. The pumps concerned are identical centrifugal units and are mounted on the baseplate of the Hydraulics Bench and driven by individual motors, both of which have their own variable speed controller. The speed of the selected pump can be displayed individually on Pump Speed Display. Suitable associated pipework and valving arrangements are supplied to allow easy operation of both pumps in either series or parallel configurations. This allows the approximate doubling of discharge.

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Advanced Technocracy Inc. is Manufacturer, Exporter & Supplier of Weir Experiments.


In open channels, weirs are commonly used to either regulate or to measure the volumetric flow rate. They are of particular use in large scale applications such as irrigation schemes, canals and rivers. For small scale applications, weirs are often referred to as notches and invariably are sharp edged and manufactured from thin plate material.
The flow pattern over a notch or weir is complex and there is no analytical solution to the relationship between discharge and head so that once again a semi-empirical approach has to be used.
 Hydraulics Bench incorporates a weir channel which is 158mm wide tapering to 152mm wide at the bottom, x 150mm deep x 735mm long in the working surface. The weir channel is fitted with an acrylic 60 triangular notch weir with an integral scale which can be used to provide an approximate indication of the flow rate.
For a detailed study of the discharge over weirs,  have provided two sets of weirs and a hook gauge. The Hook Gauge and Scale is an essential accessory for the accurate measurement of the upstream head.

Elementary Weirs:-

Elementary Weirs comprises a set of three stainless steel weirs each 1.625 mm thick and 215 mm wide by 160 mm deep, the three weirs comprise: a rectangular weir with a 100mm wide by 90 mm deep notch, and two triangular or V notch weirs having included angles of 90 and 60 with a depth of 90 mm. Included with this set of weirs is a very effective flow smoothing basket.

The dimensional details of the weirs are shown in figure below.

Experimental Capabilities:-

Determination of the Coefficient of Discharge for each type of weir.


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Advanced Technocracy Inc. is Manufacturer, Exporter & Supplier of Water Flow measuring Apparatus.

 Water Flow Measuring Apparatus is designed for use on the  Hydraulics Bench, although it could be used as a free-standing apparatus in conjunction with a low pressure water supply controlled by a valve and a discharge to drain. Water enters the apparatus through the lower left-hand end and flows horizontally through a sudden enlargement into a transparent venturi meter, and followed by an orifice plate. A 90º elbow changes the flow direction to vertical and connects to a variable area flow meter; a second bend passes the flow into a discharge pipe which incorporates an atmospheric break.

The static head at various points in the flow path may be measured on a manometer panel included with the experiment. The water flow through the apparatus is controlled by the delivery valve of the Hydraulics Bench and the flow rate may be confirmed by using the volumetric measuring tank of the Hydraulics Bench

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