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We are a leading Manufacturer & Exporter of Measurement such as Meter Rule, Superior Quality, Meter Rule, Good Quality, Meter Rule, Routine Quality, Vernier Caliper, Steel C P, Vernier Caliper Stainless Steel, Vernier Caliper Ime Type and many more items from India.

Double Scale, both edges divided in millimeters figured centimeters, opposite direction reading facility. Made of superior quality , seasoned wood
a)one meter long 
b)half meter long

Meter Rule, Good Quality

Economy Model, without compromising on quality. edges are divided in centimeters & millimeters as

a)one meter long
b)half meter long

Meter Rule, Routine Quality

Routine quality made from soft wood

a)one meter long
b)half meter long

Vernier Caliper, Steel C.P.

Very superior quality steel chrome plated. The metric scale is graduated millimeter for 12 cm and the 10-part Vernier reads is 0.1 mm.The English scale is graduated to 1/16 inch for 5 inches and its 8-part .Vernier reads to 1/28 Inch with adjusting wheel in and depth gauge. Elegantly packed in card board box, with detailed working manual.

Made from high quality stainless steel, (Stainless steel calipers retain their appearance even after repeated use), Packed in velvet case.
Steel chrome plated model.One side graduated in inches for 6 inch and side graduated in millimeters for 15 and the 10-part Vernier reads to 0.1mm The moveable jaw can be held at positions on the scale by means of spring constant.Fine adjustment can be made by means of a convenient thumb operated strip which is allowed to disengage for fast adjustment. Packed in velvet case.
This economical instrument is sufficiently accurate beginners and for most elementary laboratory measurements. Superior quality, semicircular Welch pattern, dullnickel finish, oxidized threaded rod individually packed in card board box, with detailed working manual.
The barrel and yoke are both nickel plated and the is made from rust proof stainless steel. Individually packed in a beautiful cardboard box with working manual

These special Micrometers are designed for ITI, Polytechniques, Engineering College Students & for Industries.The Barrel & Yoke both are nickle plated & the rod is made from steel nickle plated.
It consists of a small metal frame, supported by three legs fixed at the corners of an equilateral triangle.A screw of fine pitch passes through the centre of the metal frame. The screw forms the fourth leg. The main scale (or pitch scale) is marked on a metal strip fixed at right angles to the frame.This scale is marked in millimeters with zero mark at the centre (10-0-10mm). A circular scale is fixed to the screw head It carries a circular scale divided into 100 equal parts. (In some cases it is divided into 50 equal parts). The edge of the circular scale is very close to the metal strip and the metal strip is used also as a reference line for taking the circular scale reading. The disc & scales are brass lacquered & legs are made of steel black painted.


Screw and legs are made from high quality stainless steel

Extra large size with a circular aluminum disc of about 6cm diameter divided equal parts. Vertical scale is of aluminium black painted with reading 10
Smith type, encased in a metal case with fly-back action. At the right side case is the stop and start lever, the operation of which enables a timer start and stopped as desired. On the other side of the case is a press which returns the hands to zero, after the mechanism has been stopped means of a stop lever. A subsidiary dial recording 0 to 60 minutes is below the second hand.
This is first quality, precision made jeweled movement watch in attractive chromium plated case. The face of the stopwatch is transparent for easy reading of graduation sand figures. It has an arrangement for the 'start' and 'stop' of the watch. There is a lever at the top of the body when this lever pressed for the first time, the watch starts, when the same lever is pressed for the second time,the watch stops. A third press on the lever brings the watch to zero reading. This stop watch reads 1/10th of a second.

To overcome the difficulties experienced in mechanical stop clocks, Introduced Quartz controlled 3½ digit stop clock START/STOP.The operation is by means of a mini toggles witch RESET and by a push button RESET. is possible only in STOP mode to avoid accidental resetting while the clock is running.

Resolution0.1 sec.
Display12.5mm Bright seven segment display
Working Voltage230 voltsA.C. ±10%
ResetBy Push Button
Least Count1 Second
Demonstrates that for every action, there is an equal & opposite reaction & drop one ball to see one ball pop out from the other side.Lift two pop out. Leave this popular toy on your desk for a school year of learning. For demonstrating the collision of ball including 6 balls hungonan iron Stand.
Our Simple Pendulum consists of a brass bob of1" diameter suspended by flexible and weightless stitching thread. The 2nd end of thread is tied to the rigid support. Supplied with heavy metallic base along with rod & special clamp.

Basic general purpose balance. The hangers have double hooks for up thrust experiments and detachable pans. Capacity 200 grams,sensitivity 2 mg with 7-stone knife edge a gates.Durable finish in golden colour lacquer with nickel plated fittings. The balance is mounted a sturdy sun mica wooden base complete with leveling screw. The whole balance housed in a teak wood paneldoors. 

Knife Edges Agate
Bearings Agate
Capacity 200g
Sensitivity 2mg
Pans Stainless Steel, Diameter 100 mm
Overall 420x240x380mm
Dimensions (lxbxh)

Fitted with 3-stone knife edge agates,sensitivity 5 milligram, other specifications are same. Supplied without weights.

Knife Edges Agate
Bearings Agate
Capacity 200g
Sensitivity 5mg
Pans Stainless Steel, Diameter 100 mm
Overall 420x240x380mm
Dimensions (lxbxh)

This balance has a lacquered brass beam engraved 50 scale divisions to each side. Each scale division represents 1/5mg rider on the scale. The pillar is finished lacquered with nickel plated fittings and detachable pans which are suspended from double hooks. Mounted on a sunmica wooden base with levelling screws and housed in teak wood case, with front slider and panel doors. (Supplied w/o weights).

Knife Edges Agate
Bearings Agate
Capacity 200g
Sensitivity 0.2mg
Pans Inverse Stainless Steel, Diameter 70 mm
Overall 365x265x455mm
Dimensions (lxbxh)

Best for rapid weighing, has a triangular beam,rider scale graduated into 100 divisions with 0 at the center, fine selected edges, vertical arrest. Capacity 200gm,sensitiveness 1/10 milligram. Housed in teak wood case with slider and two panel doors. Mounted on sun-mica base with levelling screws.

Knife Edges Agate
Bearings Agate
Capacity 200g
Sensitivity 0.1mg
Pans Inverse Stainless Steel, Diameter 70 mm
Overall 365x265x455mm
Dimensions (lxbxh)


Colour coded spring Balances for both force & mass measurement. Individually calibrated dual scale spring Balances has zero adjustment device with stainless steel suspension loop and load hook.

a) IN/100 g (Brown)
b) 2.5N/250 g (Blue)
c) 5N/500 g (Green)
d) 10N/1K g (Ivory)
e) 20N/2k G (Red)
30N/3K g (White)

Two Pan Balance for accurate & rapid weighing 2000g when used with supplementary masses. balance has centre indicating sliding masses to weigh 210g. Spring loaded zero adjust compensator & magnetic damping are provided. Stainless steel pan of diameter.

Beams 0-200g x10g.,0-10gx0.1g. 

Accessories for Double Beam Balance
I. Set of additional masses 1Kg:.,500g, 200g& 100g Made of M.S.
ii. Supportrodfor:underweighingfacility. 
iii. Un-calibrated tarebeamCapacity:200g.
A single pan,low form balance that has three notched beams with centre indicating sliding masses with total weighing capacity 610g.The capacity can be extended to 2610g with supplementary masses. Spring loaded zero adjust compensator & magnetic damping are provided. Stainless steel pan of 150mm diameter. 
Beams 0-500g x100g., 0-100g x10g., 0-10g x0.1g.

Accessories for Triple Beam Balance

i. Set of additional masses these: additionalmassesincrease the range of triple beam balance upto2610gcapacity.
ii. Support rod for: under weighing facility
iii. Un-calibrated tare beamCapacity: 200g.
Class'A' Brass Weights in superior quality teak wood box with sun-mica top.In this weight box,we provide our Test Certificate issued after testing all weights on our own precision Electronic Balance. Supplied with Test Certificate.

a) 1mg to 100 gms
b) 1mg to 200 gms
These are good quality aluminum weights from 1 mg to 500 mg with duplicate of 2.20 and 200 mg. a total of 12 weights in set.They are calibrated strictly with in the error limit of tolerance permitted by N.P.L. India.Quality Class'B'. These weights are supplied in a beautiful rour plastic case.
Special Analytical Weights, set of 12 pieces in a heavy wooden storage box.
1x1g, 2x2g, 1x5g, 1x10g, 2x20g, 1x50g, 1x100g, 2x200g, 1x500g.
a)  1gm
b)  2gm
c)  5gm 
d)  10gm
e)  20gm 
f)  50gm 
g) 100gm
Slotted weights from are chrome plated, where as slotted weight 500g x5 is black powder coated.
Madefromcastiron, black painted.These sets of slotted weights are particularly suitable for use with Sonometers or in such applications where large load is required.
These slotted weights are precisely turned from brass rods, carefully adjusted . These slotted weights are supplied either in chrome plated or in brass polish finish.

a)      5gmx5 
b)      10gmx5 
c)      20gmx5
d)      50gmx5
e)      100gmx5
f)       50gmx10
g)      100gmx10

G.I Sheet hammer-tone finish,the top edge is flared to add strength.

Polypropylene body, unbreakable, non corrosive white colour and has a spout to drain out overflowing liquids, used in laboratory for measuring displacement of liquids.
Used to demonstrate the Archimedes's Principle. The Cylinder hasa suspension hook at one end. All brass pipes with length 50mm (2").

Spherical pattern, the volume of the bottleis accurately adjusted at 27°C to the value etched on the surface.The bottle and stopper are numbered for identification made from Borosilicate gla

With Borocilicate Glass Stopper

With Teflon Stopper


For Solid and liquid density experiments. It consists of a hollow  metal cylinder, upper loading pan and bucket suspended of the  bottom for stability and to hold the specimen, when immersed Made fom brass sheet. 

For comparing the densities liquids by measuring the heights two columns of liquid produced applying suction to the short limb. Comprising three limbed tube mounted on polished stand with meter scale 45 cm with '0' at the bottom. The divided in centimeters millimeters. Supplied without rubber tube and pinch cock.

For use as a manometer.This is an unmounted & ungraduated PHYSICS Borosilicate glass U-tube.

Advanced Technocracy Inc. is Manufacturer, Exporter & Supplier of Metal Cylinders

These cylinders are often used in exercises with Vernier and micrometer calipers as well as for density and specific gravity measurement.The ends are carefully turned and surfaces are smooth. Set of six different elements in cylindrical form for density in electrical and thermal experiments.The set consists of one piece each of brass, aluminum, copper, zinc,iron and lead solid cylinders.


a) 25 x 12mm
b) 37 x 12mm
50 x 12mm

These metal blocks are intended for as sinkers or for specific measurements. Set of six different metals.The consists of one piece each of aluminum, copper, zinc, iron and lead cubes

a) 10mm
b) 20mm
c) 25mm
c) 32mm

This air pump is suitable for a number of classroom demonstrations,single barrel made from steel pipe fitted on wooden base.The aluminum plate is provided with a stop cock air inlet screw and a connection for rubber pressure tubing 


For demonstrating that sound cannot be transmittedin a vacuum.It consists of a 2 litre bell jar with a rubber stopper fitted with binding posts and connectors from which an electric bell is suspended. It operates  on 3 to 6 volts, using  either battery or a transformer.

Max. Flow Ltr./Min 

Max. Vacuum (in Hg.)

Max. Press (PSIG)

Motor H.P.
To demonstrate the pressure of atmosphere. Two concave aluminum cups having diameter either 62mm or 75 are provided with handle and stop cock
To demonstrate that pressure increases with depth. Sheet metal cylinder 400 x 68 mm diameter with three equal size offices art different heights down on side.
For showing that pressure is transmitted equally in all directions. It consists of a hollow metal brass ball 5cm in diameter with small holes along one circumference and a branch tube with piston. When held with the holes in a horizontal plane and piston is pushed in, water will stream out at the same distance from each hole
For showing that the level of the liquid in communicating tubes is the same regardless of their shapes. It consists of four differently shaped glass tubes connected at the bottom, mounted on a bakelite/plastic stand.
Comprising two glass tubes,one closed the top and other tube open.Their lower ends are drawn out an connected together by 1 meter of tubing.Both tubes are mounted on sliding brackets which may be locked in any position them on the metal supporting rods. Seasoned wood board approximately 44" high carries a meter scale graduated from 0 to 100 cm fitted heavy iron base levelling screws. Supplied without mercury and rubber tube.
Highly purified mercury is required for use with Boyle's Law Apparatus. Packed in leak proof Polyethylene bottles. Capacity 500 gms.
They include all principles of geometrical solids and figures discussed elementary mathematics and physics included. 16 different solids made smoothly finished hardwood, medium sized, approximate size of each figure cm. All are supplied in a sliding box
Flat form with zero and adjustable device with anodized metal scale. Metal parts richly plated in high impact polystyrene body . Suspension loop at top and load hook at the lower head. Individually packed in a beautiful cardboard box.
Superior quality having most accurate cylindrical brass weights, complete with forceps and fraction weights, supplied in a superior quality, teak polish wooden box.
25 mm model for the quality conscious.The of hardened stainless steel with ground threads locking arrangements.Packed in velvet lined case
This big sized demo-model is very effective in teaching large groups of students.The original model was designed and perfected by the physics department of Modern High School, Cicero, Illinois, where it is valuable teaching aid. Approx. Length = 8”,made from aluminium,back spray painted.
'B' Grade, Brass Nickle plated masses and a box of fractional weight all nicely arranged in a tough plastic box, capacity 100gm.
Superior quality having accurate brass weights in nicely Teak polished wooden box with sunmica top. Complete with forceps and fraction weights.
Direct reading relative density hydrometers with shot loaded immersed.bulbs and parallel graduated stems.All glasses, ranges from 60°F,0.700to 2.000x0.10.
For use as a manometer. It consists of a superior quality wooden stand fitted with wooden meter scale which is 0 to 45 cm from the bottom.Provided with small metal strips for supporting U- tube.

Unmounted & ungraduated borosilicate glass tube with a third short limb for connecting a suction tube.

Aluminum Metal Blocks for density determinations available different in size, Aluminum metal block,rectangular in shape.Supplied with hook

a) 2x2x3cm
b) 2x3x4cm

Extra Soft Quality.Approx. Bore 6mm, Wall thickness 1.5mm.Coil of 10 meters.

i.Set of additional masses :1Kg., 500g, 200g & 100g. Made of M.S.

ii.Support rod : for under weighing facility.

iii.UN-calibrated tare beam :Capacity 200g.
Velvet lined box with brass forceps & Brass C.P. Weight. 'B' Grade within the error limit of tolerance permitted by N.P.L. India, good quality Polish Box.
.Set of additional masses :these additional masses increase the range of triple beam balance upto 2610g capacity.

ii.Support rod :for under weighing facility.

iii.Un-calibrated tare beam :Capacity 200g.
Weights are made from stainless steel non-magnetic corrosion resisting quality. These are used for precision work and have good stability due to their corrosion resisting properties. Weights are arranged in velvet lined case of teak wood with sunmica top (Class 'A') Supplied with Test Certificate.

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