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Theory Of Machines Lab Instrument

Prominent & Leading Exporter from Ambala, we offer motorised gyroscope apparatus, vibration lab set of 11 experiment, whirling of shaft apparatus, cam analysis machine, cam analysis apparatus and static and dynamic balancing apparatus.

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The rotor is connected to the variable speed motor. The weight of the motor is balanced by another weight, which is on either side of the rotor. By putting weights on the weight platform torque can be supplied to rotor, which is also called gyroscopic couple.


1. Rotor dia. 250mm free about 3 axis of rotation driven by variable speed motor.
2. Dimmerstat to control the motor speed.
3. Stopwatch to measure the angular speed about the axis of precession.
4. Weights - 0.2 kg, 0.5 kg and 1 kg.
5. A technical manual accompanies the unit.

Services required:

1. 220v stabilized AC supply with earthing connection.
2. Bench area - 0.5 x 0.5m at working height.
3. Tachometer for speed measurement (can be supplied at extra cost).
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Vibration Lab  Set Of 11 Experiment


  1. Wide range of experiments.
  2. Forced and Free Vibrations.
  3. Damped and undamped vibrations.
  4. Arrangements for variation of damping.
  5. Sturdy storage cabinet.
  6. Experiments easily assembled.
  7. Covers experiments for undergraduate studies.
  8. Scope for student projects.


Pendulum Experiments:

  • Simple Pendulum.
  • Compound Pendulum.
  • Bi-filler Suspension.

Longitudinal Vibration Expiariment.

  • Spring Mass System.
  • Eciuivalent Spring Mass study of undarrped
  • System free vibration

Torsional Vibration Experiment.

  • Single Rotor Systern.
  • Two Rotor System.
  • Single Rotor with viscous darnping.

Damped Vibration Experiment.

  • Verification of Dukerleys Rule.
  • Forced rotor with viscous damping along with frictional HP Motor Strip chart recorder & control unit.
  • A technical manual accompanies the equipment.

Services required:

  • 230 V, A.C. stabilized supply along with earthing connection.
  • Bench area 0.5m x 0.5m x 0.5m height.
  • Tachometer to measure the jumping speed, (can be supplied extra)

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Whirling Of Shaft Apparatus


  • Governor assemblies - Hartnell, porter & propel governor assembly one each with rotating weights.
  • Variable speed FHP D.C. motor to drive the main spindle.
  • Sliding weights for porter & proell governor.
  • Scale & a pointer to measure governor lift.
  • Spring & Spring compression adjustment arrangement.
  • A technical manual accompanies the unit.

Services required:

  • 230V, 5A, AC supply connection.                                                                                                                                      Bench area of 0. 75 x 1m. at working height.

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 Advanced Technocracy Inc. is Manufacturer, Exporter & Supplier of Cam Analysis Machine.

Apparatus is a motorized unit consisting of a camshaft driven by a variable speed motor. The shaft runs in a double bearing. The free end of the camshaft has a facility to mount the cam easily.

The follower is properly guided in gunmetal bushes and the type of follower can be changed according to the cam under test. Graduated circular protractor is fitted co-axial with the shaft. And a Dial Gauge fitted on the follower shaft is used to note the follower displacement for the angle of cam rotation. A spring is used to provide controlling force to the follower system. Weights on the follower shaft can be adjusted as per the requirement. An arrangement is provided to regulate the speed. The apparatus is very useful for testing the cam performance for jump phenomenon during operation. On this apparatus the effect of change of inertia forces on jump action of cam-follower during operation can be observed. It is useful for testing various cam & follower pairs. Three cams and three followers will be supplied with the apparatus. These are already hardened to reduce the wear.

Scope Of Experimentation:
  • With the help of combination of provided cams and followers following experiments can be conducted:
  • To plot the n-q (Follower displacement Vs Angle of rotation) curves for different cam follower pairs
  • The follower bounce can be observed by using a stroboscope (Optional) & effect of follower weight on bounce can be studied.
  • To study the effect of follower weight on bounce.
  • To study the effect of spring compression on bounce.
  • The tests can be repeated by changing compression springs, follower weights and cam speed.

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Product Details:

The apparatus is designed to study the cam profiles and performance of cam and follower system. The apparatus consists of a shaft supported by ball bearings upon which three different types of cams can be mounted.

The push rod for follower is supported vertically, which can adopt three different types of followers. Cams and followers can be changed easily. A variable speed motor rotates the cam. A dial gauge permits plotting of follower displacement with respect to cam position. By operating the system at different Speeds, jump speed can be found and also the effect of weight and spring force on jump speed can be studied. Jump can be visualized also with the help of stroboscope (it is not supplied With the product).


  • Cam -Eccentric, tangent and circular ARC type - one each.
  • Follower- mushroom, flat faced and roller type - one each.
  • Cams and followers are hardened to reduce wear of the surfaces.
  • Variable speed motor coupled to camshaft of suitable range and Variac.
  • A dial gauge to note the follower displacement.
  • A technical manual accompanies the equipment.

Services required:

  • 230 V, A.C. stabilized supply along with earthing connection.
  • Bench area 0.5m x 0.5m x 0.5m height.
  • Tachometer to measure the jumping speed, (can be supplied extra)

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This equipment is designed for carrying out the experiment for balancing a rotation mass system. The apparatus consists of a stainless steel shaft fixed in a rectangular frame. A set of four blocks with a clamping arrangement is provided. For static balancing, each block is individually clamped on shaft and its relative weight is found out using cord and container system in terms of number of steel balls. For dynamic balancing, a moment polygon is drawn using relative weights and angular and axial position of blocks is determined. The block are clamped on shaft is rotated by a motor to check dynamic balance of the system. The system is provided with angular and longitudinal scales and is suspended with chains for dynamic balancing.


1. To balance the masses statically and dynamically of a single rotating mass system.

2. To observation of effect of unbalance in a rotating mass system.

Utilities: -

Electricity 0.5 kW, 220 V, Single Phase

Technical Specification: -

1. Drive Motor -- FHP Motor, variable speed, with speed controller

2. Balancing Weight -- 4 Nos. of Stainless Steel with different sized eccentric Mass for varying unbalance

3. Rotating Shaft -- Material Stainless Steel

4. The whole Set-up is well designed and arranged in a good quality painted Structure

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The unit consists of a base upon which the bearing holders and driving motor are bearing can be fitted in a holders to end conditions for test shafts, viz. Both end fixed and one end free, one end fixed. A Variac provided control of driving motor. The unit demonstrates the phenomenon of whirling of shafts with single rotor. As the test is destructive, after the test cannot be used, hence the unit only demonstrates the principle.

However, results obtained are closer to theory, as compared to those with bare shafts. Also, It can be demonstrated that, after passing whirling speed, shaft again starts running true.


  1. Test shaft - 4.75 mm, 6.35 mm and 7.9 mm - 2 each.
  2. Bearing to provided end conditions, (a) Both ends fixed, (b) One end fixed and one end free.
  3. Drive motor 1/8 HP, 1500 rpm with control arrangement.
  4. The whole unit is mounted on a sturdy base.
  5. Rotor for each shaft of suitable size.
  6. A technical manual accompanies the unit.

Services required:

  1. Floor space area of 2m. X 1m. at working height.
  2. 230V, 15 A, AC electric supply connection.

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The apparatus consists of a variable speed D.C. Motor. Driving Pulley and Driven Pulley of equal diameters. The pulleys are mounted on input shaft (motor shaft) and output shaft. The Driven pulley can slide on the base only with bearing block to change the initial tension in belt. Brake Drum is mounted on the output shaft, which helps to measure power output. The motor speed is varied by Dimmerstat. Driving and Driven pulley speeds are indicated by a two channel digital Speed Indicator. With the help of Stroboscope it is possible to demonstrate the slip of belt on Driving and Driven Pulley.


  • D.C. Motor- 1 HP, 1500 RPM, 230V variable Speed
  • Driving and Driven Pulleys of equal diameters (flat pulleys)
  • Brake Drum along with spring balance and rope arrangement is provided to load the system.
  • Flat belts of fixed length of following belt material.
  • Fabric Belt
  • Canvas Belt
  • Rubber Belt
  • Belt tightening arrangement - Bearing block is sliding and dead weight can be applied to
  • Set the initial tension in belt.
  • Speed Indicator: Two channel digital speed indicator with switch to change the channel.
  • Experimentations
  • To measure co-efficient of friction between pulley material and different belt materials
  • To measure power transmitted with varied belt tension and plotting a graph of
  • "Tension Characteristics".
  • To measure percentage slip at fixed belt tension by varying load on the Brake Drum and
  • Plot the graph of V/s percentage slip i.e. ‘Slip Characteristics’. Finding a  Creep Zone from graph.
  • To measure belt slip speed and observe the limiting value of load at constant speed
  • When the slip just starts.

Service Required:

  • Single Phase 15amp Electrical Connection.


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Epicyclic Gear Train Holding Torque Apparatus

It is a motorized unit consisting of SUN gear mounted on input shaft. Two plane gears mesh with the annular gear. These planet gears are mounted on a common arm to which output shaft is fitted. Loading arrangement is provided for loading the system and to measure Holding Torque.


1. External type Epicyclic Gear Train:

  • Bearing blocks for input & output shafts.
  • A gear train with Holding drum and handle.

2. Internal Type Epicyclic Gear Train:

  • A compact Gear Train.
  • Variable speed D.C. Motor

Rope brake arrangement to measure output torque and holding torque.

3 Control Panel comprising of

  • Digital Ammeter and Voltmeter.
  • RPM Indicator.
  • Speed Controller.

Experimentation -

1. To measure epicyclical gear ratio between Input shaft and Output shaft.

2. To measure epicyclical gear ratio between Input shaft and holding drum.

3. To measure Input torque, Holding torque and Output torque.

Service Required -

1. Floor Space - about 1.5m x 2m.

2. 230 V.AC stabilized power supply
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Journal Bearing Apparatus


  • Demonstration and experimental apparatus for examining pressure distribution in sliding bearings
  • Bearing housing, completely transparent and movable on rotating bearing journals
  • Bearing diameter 51mm, gap 4mm
  • Bearing load up to 16N
  • Display of radial and axial pressure distribution with 16 plastic tube manometers, display panel, detachable for transport
  • Oil viscosity class
  • Speed smoothly adjustable, electronically controlled, digital display
  • Experiment mounted on rolling support
  • l x w x h 1000x750x2650mm

Technical Data

Sliding bearing

  • Nom. bearing diameter: D=51mm
  • Bearing gap: 4mm
  • Bearing width: 75mm
  • Bearing load: 6.7 ... 16.7N


  • Power output: 0.37kw
  • Max. speed: 3000rpm
  • Length of manometer tubes: 1770mm
  • Oil viscosity class: ISO VG 100
  • Total oil volume: 3.5L
  • Set of weights: up to 10N

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Universal Vibration Apparatus


This apparatus enables a comprehensive arrangement of vibration experiments to be conducted on a single Sturdy M. S. channel (100 mm x 50 mm) basic frame. The experiments are specially designed for quick and easy assembly on the frame. Many components are common to several experiments. And The Whole Frame Is Powder Coated.

Range Of Experiments

Pendulum Experiments

For pendulum experiments a sub-frame is attached to the upper beam of the frame. This pendulum supported frame is provided with hardened V guide for supporting the compound pendulum. It also carries two small chucks for gripping the wires for the bi-filer suspension and simple pendulum. Following experiments can be conducted.

Expt. No. 1-Simple Pendulum

To verify the relation T= 2 II S L/g & to plot the graph T2 V/s L

Expt. No. 2-Compound Pendulum

To verify the relation      T= 2 II S k + (OG)/g(OG)

To determine the radius of gyration & equivalent length of compound Pendulum.

Expt. No. 3-Bi-filer suspension- (Tensional Oscillations)

To determine the radius of gyration of body about the centre of gravity by using relation.


T= 2 K/aSL/ g

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Universal governor apparatus


The  atico unit consists of a main spindle driven by variable speed motor. Spindle can be fitted with four different governor assemblies. A scale with pointer is provided. We can calculate each characteristics of each governor at different speed and compare the performance.


  • Drive unit - d.c. Motor 0 - 1500 r.p. M.
  • Watt, porter, hartnell and proell governor.
  • Range of experiments
  • Watt, porter, hartnell and proell governor.
  • Determination of characteristics and comparison with theoretically predicate controlling force curves.

Porter And Proell Governors:-

  • The effect of varying the mass of the centre sleeve.

Proell Governors:-

  • The effects of varying the rotating mass.

Hartnell Governor:-

  • The effects of varying the following parameter. Initial spring compression.

Service Required

  • Single phase 15amp electrical connection.



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Lathe Tool Dynamometera

This is a strain gauge type two component lathe tool dynamometer designed to measure vertical and horizontal forces on the while orthogonal cutting process. The unit is in two parts one is mechanical sensing unit or tool holder, which can mounted on the top of the Ross slide after removing swivel base and compound slide of a lathe and digital force indicator. With this Dynamometer student can study the change in these forces by varying Speed, Cut and Feed.


  • Rigid in construction
  • Sensitive transuding and amplifying system for accuracy in force measurement.
  • Compact Digital force indicator.
  • Use of cutting fluid during operation is possible.

Scope Of Supply:

  • Mechanical sensing unit or Tool Holder with string gauges. With H.S.S. tool of ½ “ size.
  • Control panel housing digital force indicator to measure two forces simultaneously, balancing potentiometers, connoting cable.
  • Necessary switches, fuses and polycarbonate front plate. Range o to 500 Kg.
  • Centre Height, P.C.D.of clamping bolt size, clamping Bolt size. Three component lathe tool dynometer is also available.

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