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Optical Bench

Offering you a complete choice of products which include Optical Bench such as Optical Bench - Triangular Rail Type, Corona Plate, Bi-Prism Assembly without Optical Bench, Bi-Prism Assembly Complete With Optical Bench, Research Optical Bench, Nodal Slide Assembly and many more items.

• Triangular Profile 
• Free Standing Optical Rail 
• Light Weight Aluminium 
• Positioning scale in millimeters 
• Length upto 1/2, 1 & 1½ mtrs.
• Ideal for Teaching Labs 
• Low cost Aluminium design

Besto Optical benches are available in light weight, low cost Aluminium alloy. These benches are based on the widely used triangular rails. These light weight Aluminum rails are ideal for educational & general laboratory applications. They are supplied with a simple positioning & calibrated scales in millimeters attached to the side of the rail.

a Half Meter Long
b One Meter Long
c  One & Half Meter Long
It consist of Black Brass Plate with small holes at equal distance from the centre of the Plate. Plate mounted in aluminium frame is supplied with rod. One glass Plate with rod is also supplied along with Brass plate.
Fresnel Biprism set-up illustrates about the phenomenon of interference of light with the help of Bi-prism Expt., we can understand the concept of interference, image formation & the width of the fringes.

a) Biprism Holder: has the fine radial motion by a fine pitch screw.

b) Micrometer Eyepiece: Ramsden Eyepiece, 10x, is carried on a slider which moves along a micrometer screw. Accurately made . L.C.=0.01mm

c) Auto Action/Lens Holder: with automatic spring action for equal opening and closing of both sides.

d) Optical Slit:Optically true,precision ground stainless jaws, spring action for opening of jaws eliminated to ensure original accuracy even after prolonged use. Jaws open uniformly all along through a milled head. Jaw alignment tested for optical accuracy. Made for a lifetime of trouble-free use.

e) Condensing Lens :This lens is supplied with mount to condense the monochromatic Sodium Light
Fresnel Biprism setup illustrates about the phenomenon of interference of light. With the help of interference phenomenon, we can find the wavelength of monochromatic light source like sodium light in a very easy manner. 
The Bed is heavy cast iron with a strong control rib, throughly seasoned and aged before machining and grinding of its upper surfaces. Total length 180cm with a machined full length platform for the scale. The scale is from lifetime stainless steel fitted on its machined platform on the bed. Divided in mms to a length of 170cm. Accuracy of calibration ± 0.01%

The Carriages:Five carriages are provided to carry the standard experiement accessories. Under surfaces of carriages are machine true to fit the machined bed surface, and these machined surfaces are then jointly inter ground to give perfectly smooth sliding surfaces. While inter ground tests are carried out to ensure elimination of lateral shift during slide movements. Stainless Steel verniers fitted to the carriages read the scale of .01cm. The Bi-prism carriage is also provided with fine cross motion read by vernier to 0.01cm. Clamping arrangement is provided.

The standard experimental accessories fitted to the carriage are:

(i) Optical Slit : Manupulation of jaw movement free from any spring control ensuring maintenance of original accuracy even after prolongeduse . The following adjustments are provided for the slit And its carriage.

a) Linear adjustment along the bed, read by vernier to 0.01cm.
b) Fine vertical adjustment by slow motion screw.

(ii) Bi-prism Holder : Provided with following adjustment:
a) Linear adjustment along the bed, read by vernier to .01cm
b) Fine vertical adjustment by slow motion screw.
c) Fine cross motion by micrometer screw read by Vernier to .01cm
d) Quick radial motion along the horizontal axis
e) Fine radial motion along the horizontal axis.

(iii) Micrometer Eye Piece: Provided with the following Adjustments
a. Quick linear adjustment along the bed read by vernier to.01 cm
b. Fine micrometer vertical adjustment
c. Micrometer cross motion of the Eye piece along a 30-0- 30 mm scale read on a micrometer head to .001 cm. Micrometer head fitted with anti back lash Device.

(iv) Auto Action Lens Holder : With automatic Spring action for equal opening and closing of both sides. Rest specifications of carriage are same as above. 
(v) Condensing lens with fifth rider is also supplied along with this bench.
(vi) Supplied with Bi - prism of 30x40mm
Consists of the following items

a) Nodal Upright:Consists of a combination of Single & double lens holder on a mount rotating along the vertical axis. The combination lens holders are adjustable in height, and the single & twin lens holders can either be moved together by rack & pinion or relative to each other by sliding. These motions can be read by individual pointers on a mm scale.

b) Mirror:Plain, inclinable with 3” steel C.P. Stem

c) Optical Slit:With fine machined cross slit, one surface white & the other optical black, with 3” steel C.P. Stem.

d) Lamp House:an electric bulb is encased in a metal case with cord & pin. It works on 220V AC. .
It consists of acrylic rectangular trough with graduation from 0-58 cms. It consists of Lens holder (combination of single & double lens) mounted on one side of rectangular trough. A small screen with four wheels is also supplied with this instrument. Two semi conductors diode laser are mounted in such a way, so that we get two parallel beams of red laser. Supplied with diode laser power supply & two set of lenses.
An experiment unit designed for work in degree science laboratories. The Lummer Brodhun Photometer assembly is assembled from the following standardized components.

a) L.B. Photometer Head:A finely made instrument with the best imported optics and now with the latest system of rigid fixing of all optical components. 

Light from two sources falls on either side of a uniform white opaque screen. Thus it is reflected by side reflectors (Optical prisms) and passes through the Lumner Brodhun cube. Observing the field through a telescope, the two light intensities are compared directly. The compact Photometer head is mounted in a swivel bracket to facilitate reversal of the slides.

b) Lamp House :2 nos. On electric bulb is encased in a metal case with cord & pin, finished optical black.
160mm radius, designed to give maximum accuracy. Made from a strip of stainless steel so inlaid in the circular arc as to be considered integrated with it.
Mirrors, highly slivered, optically true (spray painted at the back) with a beautiful ring on its outer surface Concave & Convex F.L. 10 to 25 C.M.

Focal Length
a 50mm
b 60mm
c  75mm

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