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Unit Operation

Providing you the best range of distillation columns, fluid mixing studies apparatus, catalytic reactors, e/m by short solenoid method instruments, computer controlled chemical reactor teaching equipment and laboratory filtration unit with effective & timely delivery.

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Product Details:

The unit is a self-contained and fully instrumented distillation facility, suitable for practical laboratory work relevant to the teaching of unit operations. The equipment employs galvanically isolated intrinsically safe circuits and flameproof devices as appropriate, to enable safe distillation of standard test mixtures such as methylcyclohexane-toluene, methyl alcohol-water etc. The equipment consists of two interconnected units: a floor standing process unit and a bench-mounted control console.

  • Self-contained sieve plate distillation column unit including reboiler, condenser and reflux tank, suitable for use with flammable solvents and fully instrumented for batch operation.
  • Temperatures throughout the process including those on each and every sieve plate are monitored and displayed on a bench mounted control console, via a selector switch. The console also houses controls for the power supplied to the reboiler heater and for reflux ratio settings between 0 and 100%.
  • The console front panel connections enable the use of standard laboratory recorders and data loggers and of industry-standard PID and PLC controllers (not supplied).
  • A U-tube manometer is incorporated to measure pressure drop over the distillation column.
  • The 50mm diameter sieve plate column may be readily interchanged with a packed column supplied as an alternative.
  • A vacuum system enables operation at reduced pressures down to 200mbar(abs).
  • The unit is supplied completely assembled including lagging, and a comprehensive instruction manual describes commissioning, maintenance and instructional assignments.
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Product Details:


The apparatus comprises a clear acrylic mixing vessel mounted on a stainless steel base. Above this is mounted a variable-speed electronic mixer with electronic torque measurement incorporated. 

A set of PVC baffles can be fitted into the mixer with a simple screw mechanism to hold them in place. Under the stainless steel base is a storage compartment for the various small mixer components and the simple tools (hexagonal keys) required to change them. The larger mixer components are stored on pins behind the vessel.

The Rushton turbine impellor is a one-piece stainless steel fabrication with eight alternate upward and downward-pointing blades. The flat-blade impellor comes with six sizes of blade, each of which can be fitted in seven positions (vertical, plus 30/45/60 degrees leading and trailing edge). The blades are simple to configure and position accurately in place using a single screw. A propeller-type stirrer is also included for comparison.

Demonstration Capabilities

  • Visualisation of mixing and flow patterns
  • Torque/power/speed characteristics of different impellors
  • Mixing of solid-liquid suspensions
  • Mixing using immiscible liquids
  • Investigation of how mixing time affects the quality of mixing
  • Effect of baffles
  • Modelling techniques to predict power requirements of larger-scale mixing systems
  • Effect of temperature and viscosity on mixing


  • A benchtop laboratory mixing system for demonstrating and teaching fundamental principles of mixing
  • Electronically controlled variable speed drive system with accurate RPM measurement display
  • Electronic measurement and display of torque on the drive head
  • The drive can be varied from 50 to 2200rpm (note, not all the impellers are suitable for use at high speed)
  • Impellers include a true Rushton turbine with eight alternate upward and downward-pointing vertical blades, a propeller and six different sizes of flat blades
  • The flat blades are attached to a common mounting hub with a simple mechanism providing a precise blade angle. Seven different blade angles can be set for each blade size


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Product Details:


The CEU unit introduces students to the fundamentals of packed-bed catalytic reactors. It is a benchtop unit available with either two or three reactor columns. Using two columns with a chemical catalyst allows a different particle size exchange resin to be used in order to study the effect of particle size on reactor kinetics. It is possible to use a third column to investigate biological catalysis, using the enzyme invertase, and compare this with chemical catalysis.

Instructional Capabilities

  • Understanding the principles of packed-bed catalytic reactors
  • Mass balancing
  • Examination of steady and unsteady-state catalysis
  • Comparison of chemical and biological (enzymic) catalysis
  • Flow characterisation in a packed bed
  • Understanding the principles of flow injection analysis (FIA)

Overall Dimensions

  • Height: 0.60m
  • Width: 1.00m
  • Depth: 0.50m


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Product Details:

Advanced Technocracy Inc. is Manufacturer, Exporter & Supplier of E/m By Short Solenoid Method.

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Chemical Reactor Teaching Equipment Manufacturer
  • A self contained bench top service unit designed to provide services for up to five different chemical reactors:
  • Continuous Stirred Tank Reactor
  • Tubular Reactor
  • Transparent Batch Reactor
  • Plug flow reactor
  • Laminar Flow reactor
  • Fully computer controlled and supplied with educational software (32/64 bit) specific to each reactor type. Simple interfacing to the (user supplied) computer by a USB interface
  • Two peristaltic feed pumps with individually variable flow rates, 0-140 ml/min
  • Provides PID temperature controlled hot water in order to maintain reactor temperature
  • Complete with two thermocouples, an input for a third (user) thermocouple and a dual range conductivity sensor
  • A comprehensive instruction manual is included which details installation and operating procedures
  • Compact bench top equipment
  • Real time reaction monitoring instrumentation, eliminating the inconvenience and inaccuracy of multiple titrations.
  • Transparent reactors, so the student can see what is happening
  • Colour tracer experiments possible for some reactor types
  • Cost effective, up to five reactors share the same service unit.
  • Computer control and data logging as standard
  • Safe and student friendly
Five different reactor types available:
  • Continuous stirred tank reactor
  • Tubular reactor
  • Batch reactor
  • Plug flow reactor
  • Laminar flow reactor
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    Product Details:
    • A benchtop unit comprising a vacuum formed ABS plastic plinth with integral electrical console on to which is mounted the filtration system.
    • A plate and frame batch filter (separation area 230cm²) is supplied as standard. Both constant flow rate and constant pressure operation are possible.
    • An optional tangential flow hollow fibre microfiltration cartridge (plus pre-filter and shell and tube heat exchanger) can be fitted. The hollow fibre cartridge has a separation area of 110cm² and a cut-off of 0.2 µ-m.
    • Feed flow rate can be varied between 0 and 130 l/hour.
    • All electrical circuits are protected by appropriate protection devices.
    • The console contains a pump motor control and display panel.
    • A separate controller displays the filter inlet pressure and is used to control the pump speed. Another digital meter displays, via a selector switch, either outlet pressure, permeate pressure, temperature or optical absorbence.
    Instructional Capabilities
    • Batch Filtration with the Plate and Frame Filter Unit
    • Demonstrating filtration through membrane technology
    • Understanding the principles of batch filtration using both constant pressure and constant flow operating modes
    • Mass balancing
    • Precoat and body aid filtration
    • Determining important criteria for scale-up
    • Commercial aspects of filtration
    • Demonstrating filtration through membrane technology
    • Understanding the principles of continuous microfiltration
    • Examination of flux and transmission of a protein marker
    • Measurement of fouling and the effect on filtration performance
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    Basic Water Cooling TowerSpecification:
    • Bench top unit to demonstrate operation of a forced draught cooling tower, comprising tower base with air circulation, water reservoir with heater and make-up tank, and a control console with recirculation pump and instrumentation
    • Supplied with one standard packed column, dimensions 150mm x 150mm x 600mm, comprising 10 plates giving 110m²/m³
    • Three additional columns are available as options for comparison (bare column, 7 plates and 18 plates)
    • The columns are manufactured from clear plastic to allow viewing of water flow through the system
    • The columns are easily interchangeable without the use of tools

    The Basic Water Cooling Tower is completely self-contained and includes both the simulated heating load and the circulating pump. It has much the same configuration as a full size force drought cooling tower, has the same characteristics and stabilizes quickly.

    In this unit a fan is placed at the base of the tower to drive air upwards through the packing. Natural buoyancy assists the fan and helps dissipate the humid air from the top of the tower.

    The packing in the cooling tower breaks the water into thin films or droplets which present a large surface area to the air stream and thereby assist the cooling process. The water is cooled largely by evaporation and, to a small extent, by direct contact cooling. Due to the evaporation of some of the water into the air stream, a continuous supply of fresh water must be added to the system. This ‘make-up’ is normally less than 5% of the cooling water flow rate. A float valve is provided to allow accurate measurement of ‘make-up’. When the cooled water falls to the load tank it is reheated before circulation.

    Technical Details:
    • Maximum working temperature: 50°C
    • Centrifugal fan, maximum air flow: 0.06kg/s-1
    • Packed columns: 150mm x 150mm x 600mm high
    • Variable area flow meter: 0 – 50g/s-1 with control valve for water flow rate to packings
    • Temperature measurement using Type K thermocouple displayed on 199.9 digital meter to measure terminal water temperatures and wet and dry bulb air temperatures.
    • Inclined tube manometer: 0 – 40mm H2O to measure orifice differential pressure or packing resistance.
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    Product Details:
    • Specification:
      • A laboratory evaporation system capable of being configured as rising or falling film, single or double effect.
      • Temperature controlled pre-heat stage.
      • Adjustable re-circulation on each evaporation stage.
      • Manual control console.
      • Integral USB interface for computer data logging and control.
      • Contains vacuum pump, condenser and condensate vessel.
      • Options to operate from external steam supply, or integral electrically heated pressurised hot water circulator.
    Experimental Capabilities
    • Mass balances
    • Energy balances
    • Comparison of economies for single-effect and double-effect evaporation
    • Comparison of economies for forward, backward and parallel feed
    • Variation of evaporation rate with heating medium temperature
    • Variation of evaporation rate with system pressure
    • Dependence of heat transfer coefficient on circulation rate
    • Dependence of heat transfer coefficient of condenser on flow rate
    • Process control exercises
    • Evaporator column length: 1m
    • Pressurised water heater:4kW
    • Feed preheater: 2kW
    • Conductivity displays:0-100ms
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